Transportation of Giant Trees

Date: February 2018 – August 2018


When it comes to unique projects the Shekvetili dendrology park can definitely be counted as one of them, the idea was to build a unique natural reserve on the beautiful shores of the black sea, and bring in rare and distinctive huge trees, aged by hundreds of years from all over western Georgia.

LS Heavylift was contracted for the task of transporting the trees from different locations to the park grounds. Our company with its new hydraulic modular axle lines, was the only one in Georgia that had the means to move the projects heaviest trees weighting up to 800 tones. When you are handling a beautiful specimen of nature such as a hundred-year-old Linden tree you feel a tremendous responsibility. In many cases the trees locations were in the middle of rural forests, the lack of infrastructural facilities such as roads and plus the possibility     of damaging other trees in the area made our task very challenging. Our trucks were very carefully driven in to the site, the tree was loaded cautiously on the trailer, afterwards our engineers carefully sketched the route which the truck had to take. After all the preparation and planning processes was done the transportation commenced, special flat concrete piles were used to create temporary driveways on the rough forest terrain, every single action was meticulously calculated. The transportation process in some cases took a vast amount of time because of the care and attention to details that was put in it, in the end ensuring the safe delivery of the unique cargo and no damage to the surrounding area. The transportation process of giant trees was truly a sight to behold and it is successful executions of such important and challenging projects which gives us our reputation as the best in the region.

The new dendrology park will truly become a jewel of the black sea coast-line and will be a major attraction for tourists, thus boosting up the local economy. LS Heavylift is proud of taking part in a project of such high importance.