Kartli Wind Farm Project – 1st wind power plant in Georgia


Date: July 2016 – September 2016

In 2015 for the first time in Georgian energetics history the decision to install the first power turbines was made. Wind energy is a source of renewable energy. It does not contaminate, it is inexhaustible and reduces the use of fossil fuels. In addition, wind energy is a “native” energy, because it is available practically everywhere on the plant, which contributes to reducing energy imports and to creating wealth and local employment.

In 2016 LS Heavylift along with its parent company Logistics Solutions was contracted for the transportation and installment of new wind turbines near the town of Gori. Working directly for one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers in the world “Vestas”, this project was truly historical for Georgia. Transportation of blades with length up to 57.2 meters and tower sections with a combined height of 91.5 meters from the port of Poti to the town of Gori was a difficult challenge and an undertaking which required a team of true professionals and modern heavy-duty equipment. Up to 260 kilometer of road which had to be covered by us was carefully and thoroughly analyzed by our engineers, the complex road survey allowed us to identify the best possible route for this project. One of the most difficult part was the transportation of the tower section, because of its sheer diameter an alternative route through the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiatura-Zestaponi road had to be chosen, rather than the main highway. Transport of such large loads usually presents problems in remote areas and such was the case, to allow safe passage a road segment had to be widened.

Our company views itself as an innovator in Georgian transportation sector and taking part in a project of such scale is of high importance for us.  Our highly skilled personnel always ensure the best fulfillment of operations, using their experience and the careful management of equipment and workforce. LS Heavylifts ability to mobilize all the necessary resources and to organize all details for ongoing projects has played a crucial role in the successful implementation of the first wind turbines in Georgia.