Heavy Transportation

Our Company offers the complex service of moving Heavy and Out of Dimension cargo. We provide agile, strategic solutions for project material handling and multi-modal ODC logistics

Special Permits and Escort Services

LS Heavylift provides our clients with special permits which are necessary for moving oversized loads.

Engineering Services

We have the experience, technology and highly trained personnel to deliver exceptional surveys and professional engineering service for lifting and transportation operations

Heavy Liftings and Installations

We provide our customers heavy lifting services, offering different types of cranes; starting from large crawler cranes ending with smaller truck-based cranes


Wind Energy Equipment Transportation

The field of Wind Energy  is one of the most complicated logistical sectors because of the high volumes of heavy-lift and project loads. LS Heavylift  is especially skilled in developing logistic network solutions for the wind energy sector. We offer various transportation solutions the industry based on our experience, quality, and on-going feasibility studies, as well as surveys of routes and sites for our loads

EPC – Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction- EPCs have rapidly growing common importance worldwide. LS Heavylift take responsibility for importation of all the necessary materials in the field of big industrial projects conducted by major EPC contractors worldwide. Company combines its capacity, knowledge and experience to meet customer and partner expectations

Heavy and Construction Machinery Import/Export

The transportation of OOG cargoes requires extensive experience and knowledge. It is the most difficult type of carriage and needs special equipment. Company operates its own equipment for land transportation of heavy and OOG loads. Careful planning defines the secure journey of cargo. We are specialized on transportation of different type of heavy construction machinery as excavators, drilling machines, crawler dozers, etc.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Petrochemical industry has crucial importance worldwide. This field includes transportation of dangerous materials and needs strict security regulations. In our company – security and safety standards are paramount. Therefore we conduct relocation of such dangerous goods with particular caution. LS Heavylift offers ways that improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain.

Civil Construction and Industrial Manufacturing

Construction starts with planning and continues until the project is built and ready for use. To build safe, efficient and long-lasting building structures and residences engineers need first-class building materials manufactured in different parts of the world. Many factors must be taken into account while transporting this materials. LS Heavylift meets all transportation requirements in order to satisfy our customers and deliver all goods safe and sound.