Georgian External Trade Totals $826.8 Mln in January

Georgian External Trade Totals $826.8 Mln in January

Georgia’s external trade turnover in January 2019 totaled $826.8, an increase of 1.2% compared to the same period in 2018, found preliminary figures released by Geostat national statistics office on February 19.

Exports amounted to $238.8 mln, 7.2% higher than in January 2018 whilst imports dropped by 1.1% to $588 mln.

However, trade with EU member states has decreased totaling $199.2 million in January, a 6.5% drop compared to the same period last year.

In addition, trade turnover with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) decreased by 2.6% year on year totaling $294.3 million. However, Georgian exports to countries in the CIS increased by 55.2% year on year, totaling $125.4 million. Imports dropped by 23.8% amounting to $168.9.

In January 2019, Turkey remains Georgia’s biggest trading partner ($112 mln). Azerbaijan ($97.6 mln), Russia ($81.1 mln), China ($77.3 mln), and Romania ($45.2 mln) are also important trading partners.

Georgia’s largest export was copper ores and concentrates ($42.5 mln), followed by re-export of cars ($26.2 mln), ferroalloys ($18.2 mln), wine ($15.8 mln), cigarettes ($15.8 mln), medicines ($12.7 mln), nitrogen fertilizers ($8.9 mln), mineral waters ($7.8 mln), spirits ($6.6 mln), gold ($6.3mln) and other commodities.