LS Heavylift in Breakbulk Caspian 2018

LS Heavylift in Breakbulk Caspian 2018

Irakli Tsankashvili CEO of LS Heavylift  will be reporting about WPP elements for wind park in Gori (Georgia) delivery project in the upcoming Breakbulk Caspian 2018.

Nowadays, Azerbaijan and other countries of Caspian region are fast growing markets with significant projects in energy, oil and gas industries. This makes Caspian countries attractive in focus of OOG and heavy cargo transportation.

Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Kazakhstan aren’t focused on oil and gas exploration only, investing in production of construction materials, fertilizers as well as machinery and metallurgy industries. Thus, OOG and heavy cargo shipments are in great demand for all these challenging industrial projects.

Visit us at «BREAKBULK CASPIAN» in Baku to meet leading manufacturers, forwarders, ports and terminals representatives, who are interested in building of more intense and solid business relations in Caucasus, Caspian and Middle Asia regions.